A Client Named "M"

There won't be any pictures with this blog, because this is about a client, who didn't want before and after pics taken, and we respect that. Also, I'd like to keep her identity a secret to protect her privacy. But I'm sure she'll know who this blog is about when she reads it.

Hugs M :)

M has been coming to me for different body contouring treatments that include cryolipolysis, radio-frequency treatments and Slimwave, for about a year now. Her success has been amazing! Not only has she lost inches from cryolipolysis (fat freezing), and more inches from Slimwave, and enjoyed radio-frequency skin treatments, but she changed..as a person!

When she first came to me, she was in that depressive rut of weight gain, lack of confidence, lack of motivation, and so forth that can put any one of us who struggle into that depressive rut..that downward spiral. Add to all of that a woman who was downing on herself. She was sad, and spoke with sad notes behind each word, a smile on her face, but a sadness in her eyes. She was at the end of her rope, and wanted to make changes. She started treatment as a spring board to jumping into her journey of fat loss, weight loss, healthy eating habits and HOPE. All she hoped for was to fit into certain clothes, but what she needed was a supportive tribe in her goals. And I believe we were, and still are, a part of that supportive tribe.

She started walking more..a lot more, and practices 10 000 steps a day, any way she can get the steps in. She also started eating differently. She cut out a lot of processed foods, sugars, starchy carbs and started drinking more water. But the most significant change was in M herself. She became a happier person. When she would come in for treatment it was with smiles and a brighter outlook that just got brighter and brighter with each visit. She had some speedbumps along the way, but she went over them smoothly. Her attitude was much more positive about everything..life, stress, a couple of hard times, family issues, toxic relationships and so much more. She was finding herself again. She had always been there, she just needed to find herself.

Watching these changes was an amazing thing for me personally. Her personal growth became my growth as well. For every hurdle that she overcame, I overcame with her. Many of her changes reflected my changing attitude towards this industry and the positive effects it can have on people that seek body contouring services and treatments. I used to feel that it would be vain of me to want to dye my hair, or get eyelash extensions, or even use these treatments on myself. But watching M change from a woman who was unhappy about so many things about herself and become this smiling, positive woman made me realize that I can do that for so many other people, and even myself. Her coming to me for treatments set off a chain of emotional and mental changes that brought more compassion and kindness into my life. I'm a work in progress, and that's ok. M is a work in progress, and I feel that I've been instrumental in her changes, both physical and emotional and mental. She may not know it until she reads this blog, that SHE has been instrumental in my positive changes about so many different aspects of my life.

Having a client like M has encouraged me to reach deep into myself and find that deep ocean of compassion and understanding, kindness and hope. She has taught me to reach out to others and let them know that I struggle too, and every little success is a huge victory. I like to think that I don't just help people lose stubborn areas of fat, or contour their bodies or improve their skin, but that I'm a person that my clients can open up to..because I've allowed myself to open up to them, and to anyone who reads my blog posts. I used to be very closed and keep everything inside, but that meant that I was keeping all the good stuff inside too. I felt that being closed was being "professional" but I found that didn't work for me. Being open, honest and even raw sometimes makes me feel so much better about life and everything in life. M was instrumental in this shift in my attitude. I saw her bloom into this wonderful, happy, positive and outgoing person, and even though it wasn't a conscious thing, I began to open up to her, and my other clients as well, and then stopped thinking of clients as clients, but as human beings with needs, wants, dreams, problems, struggles, failures, victories, and HOPE..and as friends.

The other thing M taught me was not to give up. Hang in there. Work your own program, whatever it is, to bring the positive changes in your life that you are seeking. That you can weather the storms, that you can bear incredible weight of life, that you are stronger, brighter, more giving, more beautiful and more amazing than you think! I look forward to our appointments and our chats, and the laughs that we share. I look forward to all of the wonderful people that come in for appointments so that I can connect. That's the biggest change for me- the ability and willingness to connect with so many people, and not be worried about being judged for not being perfect, or professional, or the fact that every now and then I'm going to fall off my own wagon. Thank you M for being the wonderful you that you are, and for giving me the opportunity to learn a little more about myself. See you soon!



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