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Exercise and cool weather

No one likes snow, not really, but there are many things to like about this time of year. For one thing, with the cooler air comes better air quality. If you suffer from seasonal allergies that keep you from enjoying walking, jogging, cycling, hiking, or any other outdoor acitivity, this time of year can make being outside more enjoyable. The cooler air reduces pollutants and improves air quality, so breathing is easier. For me it seems to be better. Once the leaves have fallen off the trees, I notice that it's easier to enjoy my long walks. I have to dress warmer, but that's ok. Another added bonus is that even if I get sweaty, it isn't the kind of sweaty I get in the dead heat of August. You know what I mean ladies.. boob sweat. And guys? Well, I'm sorry, but I don't really know what you men experience when working out in the heat of summer, but I can only imagine. So, working out in the Fall is a more enjoyable experience for me.

Then, as winter sets in, I find that going for walks in the evening, with snow on the ground, on clear nights, is truly a beautiful experience. As long as I'm dressed warmly, I get to enjoy the pathways in my local park with fewer people tromping around, and the stars!!! Just look up! If you can get away from city lights, the night sky in the winter is worth bundling up for! The snow muffles sounds, and nothing is really dark because the snow is reflecting any light there is. I actually love nights like that.

So, while many people turn into hermits in the winter, I tend to get out more during the winter months and get more exercise. This is just my own experience, but I thought I would share, and encourage readers to give it a try this winter. Bundle up, get out there. Start a snowball fight! Go sledding! Hiking up that hill is a great work out! And it's a lot of fun! Shoveling snow might not be fun, but that's another great work out, but be mindful of proper posture and take care of your back.

Don't let winter keep you indoors and off your game.

Until next time, remember



Winter scene

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