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Meet Tracey Rogers, owner of White Feather Holistic Arts, here in Windsor Ontario. She was one of my inuksuit (previous blog post) on my journey with the WRWR2019. She has the most amazing life story, and if you ever get the chance to drop into her store, or meet her in person, she'll share her amazing journey through life with an open and grateful heart.

We met through our local motorcycle group CMC017, which is a private group but you can always ask to be added. She came to me with patches that she needed sewn onto biker vests, and I was more than happy to oblige. She may not remember me, but I dropped into her store when I lived in the that 'hood, and bought sage. It was a small store front, but had lots and lots of interesting things to look at, touch, browse through, and smelled so nice. A relaxing atmosphere for sure!! We would see each other at monthly dinners organized by the group, when I had time, or she had time, and quickly catch up, and I'd pick her brain as a small business owner. Her advice is bang on!

She really doesn't know what kind of effect she's had on me. Just being around her you can't help but feel happy, positive and grateful. I've never seen her not smiling.

This woman brings the words "live large" to life! On our trip back from Thunder Bay, she kept saying how she wanted to see a moose. She even went out for a ride one night up north in the hopes of seeing on, a good distance from the road in it's natural habitat. Like, a GOOD distance from the road. She ended up getting caught out in the dark, and at that point she was hoping NOT to see one. LOL. They move at dawn and dusk, and if you've ever had the opportunity to see a live bull moose, you really don't want to see one crossing the road in front of you at night, on a motorcycle. I lived in Alberta and let me tell ya, those buggers are BIG! HUGE even! Her desire to actually see a live moose made me shiver. About as much as I shivered thinking about bears....*SHIVER*. But, along our travels, we stopped at a "trading post" and she found a moose, in the form of a pin, and it had the words "Live Large" on it, and the saying was born. Then, on our way from Sudbury to Parry Sound, there, on the side of the highway, was a young bull moose. We started whooping and shouting and cheering and beeping our horns and that moose took off! It was a moment when the universe delivered. Another saying I've adopted from Tracey' "The universe will deliver." She had no idea that I would use that as my matra in the coming months, and apply it to so many different situations. And I use the hashtag #livelarge quite a bit in my IG posts, because, well, we should all live large! And Tracey lives large in so many ways. Scuba diving, hiking the Bruce Trail, riding thousands of kilometers alone, photographing nature, and just being her awesome, helpful, loving self.

As Tracey and I traveled back to Hamilton, and eventually back home to Windsor, we got to know each other. I was still in shock that I was actually doing this thing, this amazing ride, so far from home, and trying to drink in every minute, and overwhelmed by the rugged beauty of Northern Ontario, and the roads, and the amazing women we were riding with and just everything. I was simply overwhelmed, but each night, Tracey would share her own personal journey through life, and I would feel less overwhelmed. I've been sharing my own personal struggles with my body image with my clients, and even showing some horrid progress pics, in the hopes of allowing them to take a peek into my life journey, and maybe feel a little less overwhelmed by their own struggles. There is a deep lesson in that. Life is an amazing journey, but it can be very overwhelming to a great many of us. Daily pressures and struggles can create some heavy burdens that can seriously weigh us down. But, when we share our struggles, when we open up to each other about our journeys, we lighten that load, and lighten our hearts, and it becomes easier to manage. I used to be very closed, and I think many of us are, or were that way, but I found Tracey's openness about her own personal struggles to be such a bold, brave thing, and so cathartic, that I embrace that openness now. I make those connections with others, and am not afraid to do so. I don't fear the judgement. That was my biggest fear - was to open up to someone and have them judge me. Sound familiar to anyone? Or, to open up and have someone hurt me. Fear is a terrible thing. It can keep us from doing and accomplishing so much, and can keep us from interacting with others, and maybe having a positive impact on someone else's life. Tracey showed me, and taught me, through her openness to open up and make connections myself.

The universe will deliver..and it does. It brings what you need, sometimes rather than what you want. This isn't some hokey mindset, but rather a way of being positive in the face of dark clouds that gather in our lives. And taking action. **Side bar here: I am in no way discounting the reality of mental health issues like anxiety and depression. I had a bout of depression two years ago, went to my doctor and rather than just writing a 'script he sent me for blood work. Turns out my VitD was so low I had to take prescription VitD for four months, and felt much better after that. I know it takes much more than a positive attitude to overcome the devastation of depression and anxiety and other mental health issues. It take medical advice and counselling to actually feel better, among a lot of other suggestions that can help. If you feel depressed, please please go speak with your doctor and reach out. You'll be amazed to find an incredible circle of support.** Ok, back to the universe will deliver. If you have a vision, a dream, and you dream that dream every day, all day, and work to make it a reality, the universe will deliver. I find that if I'm positive about life, and adjust my attitude daily to stay positive, it's easier to get through tough times and situations. It doesn't make those situations go away, it just makes them easier to bear (*shudder*). I also find that believing that I'm on the right path and doing what I'm supposed to do, and being right where I'm supposed to be, no matter how crappy where I'm at is, the universe is delivering. So much to learn, and gain by having an open mind and open heart, and staying as positive as I can, even on days when I feel like questioning everything about my life and my decisions. Tracey's life story inspired me so much, and I really do use these sayings every day now, and she is always right there. I can hear her voice as I repeat to myself "the universe will deliver", and I can always hear her laugh. I hope as she reads this, she understands what an amazing effect she has on people. You simply cannot interact with her and not leave feeling a little lighter, a little brighter and a little happier.

I hardly new Tracey when this journey began, but she has become a mentor, and an inukshuk to me. She may not realize it, but I admire her, her tenacity, her desire to help others in so many different ways, her ever-positive attitude, her openness, her honesty, and her success as a small business owner who has built a thriving business. She was open about the struggle to get it off the ground, and the sacrifices she made to make it as successful as it is today. As a fledgling small business owner myself, I turn to her often with questions, and concerns, and she shares openly what has worked for her, and how I can apply it to my own business, and life. I honestly can't wait for summer to roll around again so that we can ride together and find more adventures to have, more tight corners at high speeds to master, and more life stories to share.

Tracey, you are an amazing woman, and human being. I hope you realize what a difference you've made in my life, and how thankful I am to know you. The universe delivered you to me, right at a time that I needed you. Live large woman! Live large!


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