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Member Highlight

Our first ever member highlight is here! I am going to be interviewing our tribe members so that they can share their stories with everyone. I'm hoping their stories about their journeys to body confidence and healthier living will be inspirational and motivational.

Meet the lovely Amie!

This beautiful human being came to us months ago and started with BodyFX treatments to help her reduce cellulite and fat, and trim areas of her body that she wasn't happy with. When we met her we honestly thought "what is this lovely creature doing here??" But, as we have learned, how we view ourselves in the mirror and how we perceive our own body image is always very different from how others see us. And we respect that and do our very best to not just help people like Amie achieve their body image goals, but we also try to help by providing an emotional support system which actually works for everyone! We all end up feeling good about ourselves, each other and the world around us.

Back to amazing Amie.

She started coming to us about a year ago. Her journey, however, began in 2018 after the death of her mother. She grieved her loss, but sank into depression. This is a hard place to be. Many of us are struggling with depression and Amie's openness about her emotional pain makes it easier for others to share their struggles and lean on those they can for support. She didn't have the motivation to exercise, and depression aslo led to eathing unhealthy "comfort" foods. All of this led to weight gain, which only made the depression worse, which led to lack of motivation..and the spiral began. She gained weight, lost her confidence and suffered emotionally.

"I just had to do something!", Amie tells us. "I don't want to exercise, I don't have the motivation. But I need to get motivated!" Thoughts and feelings that many of us can relate to. Her search for the right kind of motivation led her to us.

She began her journey with us by getting treatments with #BodyFX. It targets fat cells, literally zapping them, and rejuvenates the skin, tightening it, and as an added bonus - it reduces #cellulite! These are Amie's before/after pics after she finished a course of treatments. Not only is the cellulite visibly reduced, but she lost an inch around her upper thigh..the areas we targeted. With her succesful results she began another journey towards health - she changed her eating habits, began #intermittent fasting and ended up losing 20lbs!! Way to go!! We encourage everyone to choose #healthy eating and activity habits, but were as happy about her results as she was! She worked her way to her goal weight and felt that it was a combination of healthy eating, BodyFX and #Slimwave.

She them moved onto Slimwave, our muscle stimulating platform. Amie is also hypothyroid, and has trouble with stamina. #Hypothyroidism has many affects on the body from a slowed metabolic rate, increased or decreased heart rate, digestion issues, weight gain, insomnia and the worst - fatigue. We're not talking tired, we're talking FATIGUE where every waking moment feels like we're trying to walk through liquid lead. It's very draining, and trying to go for a 45 minute workout was something that she just couldn't do. Slimwave gave her the passive workout she needed, without the draining fatigue. For 45 minutes she's lay on the table, major muscle groups hooked up, and wrapped in a warm #infratherapy blanket ( we call it the Twitch Taco), and she would end up feeling rejuvenated and energized, all while building muscle and burning fat!

Here are her before/after pics of just 3 Slimwave sessions! She's toning up and #slimming down, without feeling wiped out. She noticed the cellulite diminishing even more, and was feeling more and more #confident, and having more energy. "I have abs!"Yes, she does! And her buttocks are lifted creating that J-Lo derriere! Amie's husband has also noticed the changes and she says he's "very happy" with her results. Wink. Wink. Amie says she has a very positive mental state, and is enjoying a renewed #motivation and feeling very body positive. She looks forward to her appointments, and we hope it's combination of #Slimwave and our team members. We love chatting with our tribe members while they are getting treatment, and Amie is always fun to chat with. All of our tribe members are..and we miss that the most.

Our lovely Amie is pictured here enjoying one of her #Slimwave sessions. Look how relaxed she looks!! She continues to come in and get treatments because she "doesn't want to lose the gains". She says she feels like a model, and thinks that's a great state of mind to be in!

"I want everyone to feel this good!" says Amie. And we want the same for our tribe members as well.

Thank you Amie for being our first Tribe Member Highlight! As usual, we look forward to your appointments and catching up and laughing. We look forward to meeting new Tribe members and having them enjoy the treatments that we offer, and the great feeling of self-confidence and positive body image that our treatments can bring.

See everyone soon! And remember...


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