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With colder weather arriving, and the days being shorter, it's hard to stay motivated to work out. This is particularly true after a long day at work - you're tired, you dread the commute home, or even the commute to the gym if it isn't nearby, the road conditions might be dreadful, never mind the manners of other drivers, and you may just want to go home, put on warm jammies, and grab a big mug of warm cocoa and call it a day. So how does one stay motivated?

First, think of WHY you started a fitness program in the first place. Was it a specific goal? Losing weight, looking great in those outfits or suits, living longer, having bigger pecs and biceps, improving overall health and mood? Whatever your specific goal was in the beginning, revisit that goal, and maybe revise it. And when you do, try adjusting the attitude you view that goal with.

Fitness and exercise should be consistent, just as healthy eating should be, and these should be lifestyles, not short-term goals. To achieve REAL results, you have to make these commitments a lifestyle, not a fad. Research and obesity studies have shown that long-term, sustainable lifestyle changes have led to long-term permanent weight and fat loss. So, don't diet, but rather change your eating habits and make them healthier. Introduce fitness into your daily routine if you're not already doing it, and make it fun. That's the attitude adjustment - make it FUN.

Many people join gyms or begin exercise routines but quickly drop off because they dread it. Instead of telling yourself "Ugh.. I guess I'll go to the gym," try using a more positive inner dialogue like "I can't wait to get to the gym!" And be patient. Another reason people drop out of healthy routines is because they don't see immediate results. Be patient. Be consistent. Give your body a chance to show you the results. It takes at least 2 weeks before you see any results of daily exercise routines, so give yourself time to reflect all your hard work. The more negatively you look at exercise, the harder it will be to maintain a consistent routine, so be positive and keep a good mental outlook!

These philosophies also apply to our spa, and the services we offer. Nothing happens overnight. You have to be patient, and continue with your healthy journey to a happier, healthier you.

I'll be sharing more ideas and tips as I come across them from the myriad of articles I read every day. If you have tips and ideas to share, I'm sure everyone in our growing community would love to hear them! Until then, remember... beYOUtiful!

Joanne Gale

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