My Jogging Journey

Those are not my jogging shoes, just thought I'd start with that. :) Mine are dirty, starting to fray, and in need of a new pair, which I'll be hunting around for soon as it's dry enough to not worry about getting a soaker.

One year ago, I got a dog and started walking every day with her, twice a day. We'd go on long walks at night, usually for about an hour, sometimes more. I really wanted to jog though, but my left knee was having none of that. Even our long evening walks, which were loads of fun, and sometimes an exercise in patience with a puppy that's learning new things, like "heel", or "leave that..leave it..leaveitforcryinoutloud..what's in your mouth??? OMG!!! LEAVE IT!!" But for the most part, she's been an amazing walking partner, even when I would slow down because of pain in my left knee. Then I'd start to hobble and my right hip would hurt and by the time I got home I was just a bundle of pain. That started to change the more I walked and built up strength in my knee and legs, and then I got the Slimwave system and things really started moving forward. Like, really moving forward!

I don't want to toot the horn of my own platforms, but Slimwave has made a huge difference in my strength and stamina. I didn't get booty results like my assistant, Dania did, but I was focusing on building strength in my legs, particularly around my knees. And it has helped tremendously.

So, I'm out walking the dog one night, and we like to go to a local park where there are ponds and nicely paved walk ways. I usually let her off the leash because no one else is there at night, and she likes to run around, play fetch, and just be silly. It lets her burn off some of that energy. I decided to pretend I'm running away from her, and as I jogged away, I started to feel pretty good. So, I leashed her up, and we went for a short jog, about 5 minutes. Then, I walked for another 5 minutes checking in my with knees.."all good?" All good they said. So, I jogged another 5 minutes, and finished up our walk with a brisk pace for about 20 minutes. I felt fine when I got home, and the next day there was no pain. I was a happy camper!!!

My happy camper of a dog.

Jogging has been my go-to exercise since high school, when I took up cross country running a little more seriously. I was on the cross country team in middle school and had a great coach, and took what I learned to high school. Then, as years went by, I continued to jog on a regular basis, pushing myself to go further and longer. I was up to 10k runs when a kidney infection took me out. It took me a long time to recover from that, so I had to shorten my runs. As the years went by, I joined gyms, worked out with weights, but always hit the treadmill and got about 40 minutes of cardio. It was great. Then, hypothyroidism knocked the crap outta me. I had zero energy and felt like crap for almost 2 years, when I found a doctor that would hear me, and got on the right medication and the right dose. But, I had stopped jogging by then and the pain in my left knee was keeping me from being as active as I like to be.

So, I'm starting slow. I jog 3 to 4 times a week now, building up to the 30 minute jogs I like. 10 to 15 minute jogs are all I allow myself right now even though I feel strong enough to jog longer, I know that if I go too hard too soon that I'm going to either injure myself, or be too sore for the next few days to get out and do it again. So, start slow, pace yourself, and enjoy the activity..that's what I'm telling myself.

I'm really proud of myself for getting this far with it and I've stuck to it. I feel more energized and clear-headed, and more relaxed during the day. I sleep slightly better too which is a HUGE thing for me, having sleep troubles that have plagued me since I was a teenager. I'm not really thinking about losing weight as I haven't stepped on my scale in about 5 months. I go by how my clothes fit, and measurements anyway. What I'm trying to do is build my strength and stamina, and get back into a routing doing an activity that I really enjoy.

I'll keep everyone posted about my progress. Being accountable is a great way to stay motivated, and I'm going to do my best to not let you, dear reader, or myself down.

Happy trails!!

Joanne Gale


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