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R&R Getaway

This was the view from my room at the B&B I stayed at over the weekend. A real winter wonderland. It was so beautiful, and peaceful, and just the perfect thing for a getaway that was badly needed.

I know, I know. Most people choose warm, sunny destinations when they think of a mid-winter getaway, and I would love one of those as well, but there is something about being out in this kind of setting in the winter that just brings me peace.

The quiet, muffled surroundings were just the thing I needed to reset, relax, and realign my energy. Life tends to press in on us, and any chance we get to get away, forget about all the responsibilities, and obligations, is just good for the soul, and the mind. Regardless of where you choose to go to get a little R&R, make sure you relax, and just have some fun.

This is the Bruce Peninsula, in all of its winter glory. I wasn't the only one out there on the trails though. There were LOTS of people out there hiking, snowshoeing and cross country skiing. Sure, it was cold, but -9°C is spring in Alberta, where I lived for over 7 years, and I was dressed warmly, and loved every minute of it. I'm not much of a picture taker when it comes to places like this, because I experience them, rather than record them, and usually, the feelings don't come across in pictures. And these pictures don't do justice to the beauty of where I was. There was blue ice..BLUE ICE!! I've never seen blue ice! I also saw a snowy owl, and a very friendly red squirrel who checked me out to see if I had snacks. I left the squirrel some nuts at the end of my hike, hoping my little offering would make this little animal happy.

The park was just beautiful. On one path, there was no sound. Just the wind in the trees. It was a path that wasn't very popular, so basically we (my hubby and I ) were the only two people on one path, and the silence was beautiful. I honestly could have spent days there.

That's me in the red jacket, obviously, and I was just enchanted by The Grotto. Pictures just wouldn't do it justice, but we tried.

The other pictures were places that I would go for walks, and one night I went for a walk along the road. It was so peaceful, and magical. I would highly recommend going for a walk under the moon, out in the middle of nowhere, on a cold winter's night. My camera just couldn't take a good picture of what I was experiencing, so I didn't bother uploading any of those lousy pics! LOL

All I can say is get out there. Dress warmly, maybe carry a thermos of hot chocolate, and experience the magic of winter. It's a time for retrospection. The land is blanketed in a layer of snow, and everything is asleep. The quiet, the muffled noise, the stars, the moon, all of it will make you appreciate spring and summer so much more. I love winter, I do.

Joanne Gale

P.S. Should you consider getting away to this location, we stayed at the Cape Chin B&B. Craig and Theresa are the MOST hospitable hosts, who cook an amazing breakfast, and are just such super nice people. It was like staying with good friends. Highly recommend this B&B!!

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