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And Sundays.

The warmer weather has finally arrived! Many of us are making our way outdoors to enjoy the warmth and the sun, and get back to our outdoor workout routines. I enjoy winter, to a point, and make it out for walks and short jogs, even in the coldest weather, but it sure is nice to go for long walks without having to bundle up.

This is my go-to place to go for walks and jogs. I love listening to the frogs, and the birds, and the trees offer shelter from any wind. I come here in the winter too, because it's just so pretty. These are trails that have been created from where trains used to run, and are enjoyed by dog-walkers, non-dog walkers, joggers, squirrels, birds, all kinds of little critters, and me and my walking-jogging buddy - Luna. (That's her on the left sniffing something.)

Pike Creek is on the left, and Luna loves running up and down the banks of the creek, sometimes ending up in the creek. To the left is woods. It's peaceful, and just purely enjoyable to come out here on a Spring Sunday, and soak up some sun and nature.

Many of my clients go to the gym and work out there, and that's GREAT! Any kind of physical activity is soooo good for you. Increased dopamines make us feel great, increased cardiovascular health, strength training, flexibility training, and so many other things that are fun about going to the gym, especially the camaraderie, are all excellent reasons to start, or keep going to the gym..

Lund. My dog looking up at me on a walk in the woods
Luna..more than a dog. A walking-jogging partner, squirrel chaser, sniffer of all things..ALL things and fun explorer

But THIS is why I go outside. This goofy pup loves to explore, and everything is new and exciting for her, making it new and exciting for me too. Her high energy levels get me moving in so many ways, and laughing at her antics and wonder. We walk/jog this path almost every day.

During the winter, before I got this little clown, I would tell myself "going for a walk or jog tonight when I get home" but, well, you know how it is. It's cold and wintery outside, I'm feeling tired, kinda blah because there's little sun, it gets dark early, movies on Netflix were beckoning, and a plethora of other excuses. I would get out there, but not often enough. Getting a dog got me moving and out there in the worst kinds of weather, and enjoying it all.

My dog running up the creek bank.
Luna running up the creek bank. No fear!

I have a partner that loves to walk and run and explore with me. She doesn't listen to the frogs when I say "Listen to the frogs Luna! Listen! They're singing!", but she does give me many reasons to get out there every day, two or three times a day. We don't stroll, rather we MARCH and jog. Well, I jog, she just..just goes. And goes.. and goes. Three hours later she might actually bug me to go home because she's finally tired and hungry. Sundays are my favourite day because I don't have to rush anywhere, and can actually enjoy being outside in the woods, or the dog park, or the local park where I live. I can take the longest walk, throw sticks, listen to little animals chirping, croaking, rustling around, squawking, making a ruckus, or just listening to the wind in the trees, that have just started budding.

Whatever you reason is to get outdoors, and whoever your exercise partner is, Spring truly is a time for rebirth, revival and connecting to what makes us happy, and gets us moving. So, get out there, do some gardening, go for a long, brisk walk or jog, enjoy the warmth and the sun, look up at the stars at night, play in the rain and puddles, and maybe for a few minutes, feel like a kid again. Find a new trail or path, and see where it leads. Happy Spring everyone!

And remember....beYOUtiful!

Joanne Gale

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