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Woohoo!! It's been a busy summer so far, and there's still lots of summer left to enjoy!

I apologize for not blogging over the last few months, but things are really heating up for us! ( Not mentioning the heat waves going on here...). I hope everyone has had a great summer so far, and thought I'd take a few minutes to catch everyone up on the goings-on around here.

First, we have added Slimwave to our services. This is an Electrode Muscle Stimulation system that has so many benefits beyond shaping and sculpting your body. The information is on our website and I encourage you to check it out! I love this system for all of its benefits! feels GOOD!

We also have a second treatment room, and of course, I've taken a video of it, but more little accents have been added since I made the video, and will be posting more pics of this treatment room on a later blog.

And now it's celebration time! It's been a whole year since I opened the doors, and what an amazing year it's been! There is so much to share, and there will be contests, giveaways, open houses and demo days coming to follow along on Facebook and Instagram to keep up with the fun!

I'm keeping this blog post short because, well, it's summer time, it's beautiful outside, and today is a holiday! Stay cool, stay hydrated and enjoy the summer! I'll be blogging again soon!

And remember, beYOUtiful

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