Lost glove.

I love winter. I really do. Snow, cold crisp air, brilliant night skies, and peaceful walks. There are many reasons to love winter, even if you don't get outside much. Winter is a time for resting, and retrospection.

A blanket of snow muffles sound and brightens up the darkest night by reflecting whatever light there might be. I love going out on a snowy night for a walk. It's quiet, there are few people out there, and the peacefulness is food for my soul. Some of us enjoy solitude and winter brings much needed solitude to those of us that require it more than others. It's a time for thinking, for healing, for planning and sowing seeds for spring..seeds of thought, of growth, seeds of dreams. Winter is the time to reconnect with yourself, and to get much needed rest for the coming warm season, which is always busy.

There is so much beauty in winter. The snow creates art on the landscape, in muted tones of grey, brown and white, but not all is dead. In fact, there is much life under the snow. Some animals are hybernating, or napping, in the case of the fat squirrels that live in this park, and there are all kinds of birds, mice, muskrats, and rabbits hanging around here. We even have geese that never leave, as many areas do. There are plants that require the chill and freeze of winter to germinate seeds, and even though the trees look dead, we know they're not. They only shed their leaves, not their lives. I love walking through this park and wondering about the turtles, frogs and snakes that are buried deep under the ice and snow and wishing them a peaceful sleep, looking forward to spring and the abundance of new life and activity. But, in the silence of winter, you can hear things you would otherwise miss - the soft sound of wind in the trees, bird calls that are so quiet you wouldn't hear them in the loud orchestra of spring and summer, the sound of my footfalls, and even the sound of snow falling. I love it. It's also what you can't hear because the snow muffles so much - traffic, emergency vehicles, noisy people (because most of them are inside lol), mosquitos. There's another reason to love winter - NO BUGS.

I do love all the seasons and am so grateful that I live somewhere where there is more than one or two seasons, but winter is my favourite season. No, I don't get to ride my motorcycle, but I do get to enjoy the peace and quiet of winter walks, and I stop to admire the brilliance of the stars on a clear night, and nothing beats a bright full moon on a winter night..nothing. It's so bright and clear, and creates a silvery light everywhere, making it a real magical experience to be out under the moonlight. I have warm winter gear, and always make sure that I'm bundled up and head out every day and night, regardless of the weather, to enjoy walks, to view the mastery of nature over the harshest conditions, to spend time thinking, creating, dreaming and rejuvenating.

Winter is coming to an end though. I saw a robin today on my trail hike with the dog. I saw it yesterday as well, so I'm thinking I'll start seeing more of them soon enough, and the snow will melt, and everything will be mushy and muddy (NOT my favourite thing), and then everything will sprout and wake up, and begin again. That's the beauty of winter - we know it will end, and everything will begin again. I like to think of winter as a long, long LONG weekend, where Spring is a Monday, and the hustle and bustle of life begins again. Enjoy the serene beauty of winter while it lasts. Soon enough we'll all be so busy with summery activities that we won't get a chance to rest again until next winter.

A very nice artistic piece by Jack Frost. See you next year my friend. :)


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