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PCA Hydrating Toner

PCA Hydrating Toner


Remove dirt and debris while giving the skin an extra boost of hydration.  Hydrating Toner helps keep the skin refreshed and balanced. It can also be  used as a spray throughout the day to set makeup and replenish hydration. 

Key Benefits 

✓ Hydrates the skin and removes excess dirt, oil and debris  ✓ Softens and smooths the skin 

✓ Provides antioxidant protection and improves moisture retention 

  • Ingredients

    + Watermelon, Apple and Lentil Fruit Extracts – provides free radical  damage protection, improves moisture retention and supports the skin’s  natural moisture complex. 

    + Jania Rubens Extract – a marine red seaweed with powerful antioxidant  capabilities. 

    + Evening Primrose Oil – a calming ingredient that is an excellent source  of gamma linolenic acid. 


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