Spray Tans

We are thrilled to offer spray tans at the spa now!

Our solutions are chosen for their glow-ability, for skin nourishment and hydration, and for their safe ingredients.

We offer a variety of shades, along with your choice of regular developing or express developing tans.

Add-ons such as skin tightening, shimmer and firming just add an extra boost to your tan, and your confidence.

Before your appointment

  • If you need to shower, do so 3 hours before your appointment

  • Shave, wax and exfoliate the skin at least 24 hours before your appointment

  • Exfoliate the skin 2-4 times

  • Do not use lotions or creams that have an oil or petroleum base

  • Do not wear makeup, sunscreen, perfume, cream or deodorant

  • Moisturize the day before, but not the day of your appointment

  • Bring loose, dark clothing with you to wear after your appointment

After your appointment

  • Wait the recommended time after your session to shower

  • Avoid activities that promote sweating (skip the gym)

  • Do not apply creams or makeup during the development period

  • Shower (we recommend not using soap) until the water runs clear

  • Moisturize the skin daily

  • Do not exfoliate for the duration of the tan. It's essential to exfoliate as the tan fades to remove old tan residue

  • Use soft facial cleansers, avoid oily or exfoliating cleansers as well

  • Do not wax the tanned areas. A delicate shaving may be done occasionally

  • Avoid frequent long, hot baths or showers, hot tubs, jacuzzis and excessive sweating

  • Avoid lotions, soaps and body washes made with mineral oils, pertroleum or alcohol.

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